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Regal Cat Health Tonic

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Regal Cat Health Tonic Powder - 30g

Product Code: MCP-H09-HER11

A Biochemic Tissue Salt remedy from Regal Pet Health formulated for cats of all breeds to support and improve their overall health for optimal well-being. Cat Health Tonic benefits:

* Calms
* Heals
* Strengthens

What are tissue salts?

Tissue salts, were originally identified by the 19th century German physician, Dr. Wilhelm Schüssler. He discovered that the health of an organism on a cellular level may be influenced by the balance and distribution of minute mineral substances. He called these substances “Tissue Salts”, also known as Biochemic Salts and classified them as 12 basic mineral compounds.

He called them Biochemic because they were the cell salts which were intimately and vitally concerned with the chemistry of life, taking the word from the Greek bios meaning life. He prepared them according to a special grinding process known as trituration. Trituration is the process whereby the minerals are ground into a fine powder using a lactose base thus making these minerals easy for the body to absorb. In this way they are effective even in minute doses.  The tissue salts are classically manufactured in a 6x potency which means that they have been diluted and potentised to a ratio of 1 in 10, six times, also known as the 6th decimal potency or as D6.

Originally the analysis of the blood, tissues and maternal milk revealed the presence of twelve inorganic salts. There are tables available to show this. The tissue salts are present in our food or should be when grown organically in mineral rich soils. However our soils are depleted today. Dr. Schuessler regarded the inorganic mineral substances that constitute the earth, as the complete basis of the body’s bones and blood, organs and muscles and ground down into minute particles they could be easily absorbed into the human body to restore balance.

The 12 tissue salts are:

1.    Calc Fluor
2.    Calc Phos
3.    Calc Sulph
4.    Ferr Phos
5.    Kali Mur
6.    Kali Phos
7.    Kali Sulph
8.    Mag Phos
9.    Nat Mur
10.    Nat Phos
11.    Nat Sulph
12.    Silica

The salts are always numbered and identified as above.

What are the benefits of tissue salts?

One of the major benefits of tissue salts is that they are non-invasive, safe and can be used by anyone, including pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly and animals. Tissue salts can help you to restore wellness from the inside out as they enable the cells to make better use of the nutrients available from the food ingested. They help the body to heal itself and quickly correct imbalances to restore health. Tissue salts do not replace sound, professional medical treatment. A good balanced diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are all essential for good health.

What is Regal’s Cat Health Tonic?

Regal Cat Health Tonic has been formulated using Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemic Tissue Salts to assist with keeping your feline in good health – to calm, heal and strengthen.

Using Dr. Schüssler’s principles that tissue salts can help to promote balance within the body and thereby ill health, this tonic will assist with the following:

* Allergies
* Circulation
* Digestion
* Immunity
* Joint health
* Nervous system
* Respiratory health
* Skin and coat health
* Urinary tract health

If your cat is prone to suffering from ongoing health problems or if you simply want to add extra support to his / her daily care regime, this tonic will offer added benefits naturally and safely.


Note: If on any long-term medication, consult with a veterinary practitioner before administering this remedy.


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