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PetAlive Skin & Coat Tonic

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PetAlive Skin & Coat Tonic

Product Code: MCP-P07-0073

Use PetAlive Skin & Coat Tonic for a shining healthy skin and coat! Regular use of Skin and Coat Tonic can:

* Help to restore healthy skin and glossy coat Improve skin functioning and strengthen hair shaft and follicle
* Treat dry scaly skin and eczema and relieve itching
* Accelerate healing of skin lesions and fungal infections of the skin
* Improve liver, kidney and thyroid functioning as well as overall health

Common skin problems

What are some of the most common skin and coat problems in domestic pets? Skin and coat problems are very common among domestic pets and appear to be on the increase. They include:

  •     Abscesses
  •     Skin odours
  •     Eczema
  •     Allergic dermatitis
  •     Contact dermatitis
  •     Dandruff
  •     Hair loss
  •     Warts (especially in older pets)
  •     Puppy acne
  •     Seborrhea (greasy coat)

What are the causes of skin and coat problems?

Toxins are routinely eliminated through the skin, and skin and coat problems can often indicate a number of underlying concerns including toxin overload, anxiety, thyroid problems and a compromised immune system.

Other causes of skin and coat problems include:

  •     bacterial and fungal infections
  •     fleas (some pets develop a hypersensitivity to flea saliva)
  •     dietary allergies
  •     allergies to certain irritants (e.g. commercial pet shampoos)
  •     allergies to grass, pollen and other environmental and household substances
  •     inadequate diet
  •     over-shampooing
  •     excessive exposure to airconditioning and or heating

What is Skin and Coat Tonic?

Skin and Coat Tonic contains a combination of especially selected herbs, nutrients and biochemic tissue salts known for their tonic and healing effect on the skin and fur. Whether your pet has a chronic or acute skin condition or whether a bit of a help is needed after a bout of illness, Skin and Coat Tonic will quickly help to restore shine and health to the coat, as well as healing most chronic and acute skin conditions. Skin and Coat Tonic is also a benefit for 'show pets' who need a 'beauty boost' before competitive events.

How do I use Skin and Coat Tonic?

Presented in convenient capsule form, Skin and Coat Tonic may be given whole or opened and the contents mixed with food or a treat, depending on your pet's size and preferences. For a quick 'beauty boost' an occasional 2 - 3 week course is recommended. For 'run down' pets or those with chronic skin conditions, a 6 week course would be more beneficial.

Cats and small dogs: 1/2 capsule twice daily.
Medium dogs: One capsule twice daily.
Large dogs: One to two capsules twice daily.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established.

Health Tip! Use PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic along with PetAlive Immunity and Liver Support capsules to boost immune functioning and liver health, especially after a bout of illness.

How long until I see results?

A two to three week course should begin to show results in the healthy pet, while those with chronic skin conditions or weakened systems after illness should respond within 3 - 6 weeks. With regular use, your pet should also begin to show an improvement in health and vitality due to the high nutritional value of this remedy.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of Skin and Coat Tonic contains 60 capsules and will last for 15 - 60 days, depending on the size of your pet.

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