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Nina Ottosson Dog Finder

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Nina Ottosson Dog Finder

Product Code: SHI-DogFinder

An exciting and activating game for you and your pet. Treats are placed under the plastic bone shells, which he or she must slide through a channel to be able to remove. This puzzle can be made more difficult with the addition of a second shell in each channel.

* Level 2 - perfect for most dogs and cats
* Game can be used as an interactive food bowl for pets that eat too fast
* Enhances the relationship with your dog or cat
* Gives your dog or cat a fun and useful job
* Activates your dog’s or cat’s brain
* Made from non-toxic and recycled plastic (PE and PP)
* Replacement bone blocks are available
* Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes.

This challenging new puzzle is sure to make your pet think - they need to look for treats by moving blocks in four different directions. The block can only be lifted at the end of each track. Under each block there is a depression where treats can be hidden. Your pet will learn to look for treats by moving blocks with its paw or nose in four different directions. You can place 1 or 2 blocks in each track.

Teach your pet to understand words like: wait, go ahead, back off, find it, sit etc while you are playing. The dog/cat looks, listens and learns. The first time you use only one block in each track, with treats under each block. Let your pet be present to see where you hide the treat. Tell your pet to go ahead and let it try to find the treats by itself. If they do not understand, lift one block and show the treat and let him/her try again. Praise is important and remember to tell your pet as soon as it does things the right way.

When your pet has understood how to work the game, you can hide a different number of treats in each game. It depends on the dog or cat as to how many times you can play the game in a single sitting. If your pet tries to bite the game or its parts, put your hand over it and stop the game. When he's calmed down you can say “go ahead” and let him try again. If he repeatedly wants to bite, teach him to work only with his paw.

If, on the other hand, your dog wants to throw himself on the game and beat the blocks excessively with its paw, then teach it to work with its nose by putting the game on a stool / chair which is adapted to the size of the dog. Increase the degree of difficulty by using more blocks in each track.

Tips… If your dog / cat finds it hard to grip the blocks, you can tie a string through the holes in the blocks. Do not let your pet chew or bite the toy. Play with this toy with your pet - it is not designed for unattended use.

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