Natural Jute Parsley Cat Scratcher

A fun innovative shaped cat post creating a new dimension for your cat to play and explore. Scroll down for more info.

This cat scratcher is a rounded ball wrapped with jute rope and filled with catnip inside, finished off with a lovely wooden base. A handy removable teaser toy for added fun.

The lifestyle colours and materials used will complement most homes' decors and will look stylish in any room of the house!


  • NATURAL entwined jute scratcher post
  • STRONG and sturdy
  • EASY to assemble
  • HIGH QUALITY INNOVATIVE design cat post creating a new dimension to cat play-time.
  • NATURAL Jute rope spherical design catnip entwined with QUALITY STYLISH wooden base
  • Complete with removable interchangeable feather teaser.
  • Imported and part of the awesome Rosewood Pet Products range.


* H33 x D30 x W30cm



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