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Ultrum Line-Up

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Ultrum Line-Up

Product Code: MCP-K05-ULT

A quick and convenient spot-on solution to ensure dogs stay flea and tick free. Scroll down for more info.

What is Ultrum® Line-Up? A quick and convenient spot-on solution to ensure dogs stay flea and tick free. Keeps dogs free of biting fleas for up to 8 weeks, in two consecutive applications. It also continues working for 10 months, killing flea larvae and preventing flea eggs from hatching, and affords up to 6 weeks protection against ticks.

How does Ultrum Line-Up work? Ultrum Line-up contains Permethrin which has a repellent effect, especially when treating dogs with F.A.D. It also contains a “birth control for Fleas” known as Pyriproxifen which is a UV Stable Insect Growth Regulator (I.G.R) - when fleas are exposed to this they produce sterile eggs and weaken pupae to such an extent that they die after they emerge form the cacoon. Ultrum Line-up also contains a Bio-diffusing agent that transports the actives through the skin to form depots where the actives are released over a period of time.

How do you use Ultrum Line-Up? For best results allow the product to thoroughly penetrate before washing. Dogs that have been washed should be thoroughly dried before application.

  • For dogs under 10kg and dogs 10-20kg and 20-40kg: Twist off the top of one ® ® tubule of Ultrum Line-up . Starting at the neck between the shoulder blades, part the hair and apply the whole Ultrum Line-Up to the skin, against the lie of the hair, in a line from the neck to the base of the tail.
  • For large dogs (over 40kg): It is necessary to use two tubules. Apply the contents of one tubule from the base of the tail to a mid-point along the back and the second tubule's contents from the mid-point to the base of the neck.

Pack size(s) 

  • TURQUOISE: Dogs less than 10kg — 2 x 1ml tubules [2 treatments]
  • GREEN: Dogs 10-20kg — 2 x 2ml tubules [2 treatments]
  • YELLOW: Dogs 20-40kg — 2 x 4ml tubules [2 treatments]
  • ORANGE: Dogs greater than 40kg — 2 x 6ml tubules [2 treatments]

Storage: Store in a cool place (below 25°C).

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