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Shoo-Fly Spray

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Shoo-Fly Spray

Product Code: MCP-SHOO-FLY

Shoo-Fly Spray repels midges, biting flies and other nuisance flies which may be a source of irritation. Scroll down for more info.

What is Shoo-Fly Spray? Shoo-Fly Spray repels midges, biting flies and other nuisance flies which may be a source of irritation for dogs or horses. Also repels fleas and ticks.

When should Shoo-Fly Spray be used? Flies breed more readily in warm, humid conditions. Regular use of Shoo-Fly Spray will stop flies from being a nuisance to animals and yourself and will also prevent biting flies from infecting animals with various diseases.

How does Shoo-Fly Spray work? Shoo-Fly Spray is a combination of potent active ingredients which have longacting, instant knock-down and repellent properties for use on dogs and horses.

How do you use Shoo-Fly Spray? Brush coat first to remove any dirt or dust. Spray coat or, if preferred, wipe on with a sponge or soft cloth. Treat legs, shoulders and facial areas, avoiding eyes. Note: spray with care to avoid getting product into eyes, or preferably  apply SHOO-FLY by wiping around the facial area. Wash hands after application. Repeat as often as required. Horses can be ridden or worked immediately after application. SHOO-FLY should be used on a daily basis.


Pack size(s)

200ml, 750ml


Store in a cool place (below 25°C) away from direct sunlight


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