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Product Code: MCP-CLEANEAR

CLEANEAR is a non-medicated, gentle, ear cleaning solution for dogs & cats. Scroll down for more info.

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How does CleanEar work? CLEANEAR is an aqueous solution of organic acids which gently lowers the pH of the ear. This helps to separate dead tissue from the healthy tissue, and also discourages growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. CLEANEAR also contains ingredients to help dry out the ear tissues and to dissolve and remove wax and other secretions.

How do you use CleanEar?

  • Hold the dog or cat’s head to the side and instil 5 to 10 drops twice daily in the affected ear(s).
  • Massage gently to assist with the break-up of debris.
  • Use a cotton swab to remove all excess wax and debris.

How often should you use CleanEar?

There is no limit to the frequency with which you can use CLEANEAR. Use regularly when indicated: ,

  • for use after swimming in dogs prone to ear problems;
  • as an aid in re-establishing the ear’s microclimate and normal flora after illness and treatment;
  • for the removal of debris in ears in cases of ear-mite infestations to allow better penetration of miticidal preparations; and
  • for the removal of crusts, excess wax, exudate and other debris from the canine and feline ear.

Pack size(s)

30ml, 100ml dropper bottles


Store at room temperature

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