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Happy Hound Stressfree Capsules

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Happy Hound Stressfree Capsules - L

Product Code: MCP-H02-0008

Modern living can be stressful for dogs and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing. Happy HoundTM stressfree helps make it easy. Scroll down for more info.

The Happy HoundTM stressfree range contains Valerian, Chamomile and Passionflower, three herbs well-recognised for their relaxing effects on the nervous system. Use to help ease stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and recovery.

Helping to support a dog’s natural ability to be relaxed and happy is a rewarding process. Use Happy HoundTM stressfree as an aid in that process.

Dosage Guidelines (or as directed by your family veterinarian)

Happy HoundTM stressfree SM

  • Small (under 10 kg) – 1 capsule once or twice a day
  • Medium (11-30 kg) – 2 capsules once or twice daily
  • Large (over 30 kg) – 3 capsules once or twice daily

Happy HoundTM stressfree LG

  • Large (30-50 kg) – 1 capsule once or twice daily
  • Giant (over 50 kg) – 2 capsules once or twice daily

Ways to give capsules

  • hide in tasty food or a wholesome treat.
  • open capsule and mix contents into tasty food.

General strategies

  • Short-term support – for a single event, give 30 minutes before the event.
  • Long-term support – for recurrent, or ongoing stress, give twice daily with food, preferably after exercise and before rest.

Words of Wisdom

For best results, combine with other wellbeing strategies that help dogs meet their needs, feel calm and relaxed, and experience their natural wellbeing. Dogs that are stressed always have a good reason.  The help of an animal behaviourist, and your family veterinary team, will be very helpful in identifying potential stressors and suggesting changes and additional support.

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