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  • A Pet's Life exclusively launches Happy Tails Magazine

    We are very excited to announce the launch of Happy Tails Magazine and also that the hard copy magazine is exclusively available through A Pet's Life Online Shop. To grab your copy now, please visit the following link: BUY HAPPY TAILS NOW :)

    "Happy Tails is an uplifting animal magazine focusing on positive, heart-warming and inspiring stories about animals all over South Africa.

    Our stories are uplifting and with every article, your heart will soar; with every engaging, thought-provoking page, you'll feel as we do: you can make a difference. Readers share their stories about beloved adopted animals, and we feature animal stories in the news.

    Happy Tails doesn't just look at cats and dogs; we include all animals, from donkeys and birds to wildlife and sheep. Our general advice articles cover subjects like house-training and how to choose a new pet, while expertly-written articles by vets and animal behaviourists inform and educate.

    We whole-heartedly support animal welfare organisations by featuring products sold to raise funds, wish lists and an animal welfare directory."

    To order your digital copy visit www.mysubs.co.za/magazine/happy-tails

    For more information please contact Dee Ivings on editorial@happytailsmagazine.co.za.

    "Saving one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal." -Vicki Davis

  • Possibly the best cat litter on the planet!


    This outstanding 100% pure organic cat litter will absorb 700% of its own weight in liquid. It has up to 3 x higher yield than basic cat litter, with perfect odour retention and no chemical additives. It’s compostable and 100% biodegradable with a pleasant, natural scent.

    Oko Plus is also soft on paws and can be disposed of in the normal household toilet - simply collect the cat litter that your cat has urinated in and scoop that into the toilet and flush.

    Cat’s Best OkoPlus is biodegradable and compostable because it is produced from totally organic materials - untreated domestic spruce and fir timber. The natural fibres within the soft granules effectively absorb liquids and capture any unpleasant odours. As well as being environmentally friendly, it is also economically friendly. Its superb clumping qualities make the soiled litter easy to scoop out and replace, so you don’t waste litter unnecessarily. And because it contains no chemicals, it's harmless to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens!

    Still not 100% sure if you want to try it? Watch this YouTube clip for more on why it really is the best.

    There are 3 different products available from Cat's Best - have a squizz by clicking here. :)
    cats best
  • Hidden Cat Illnesses: What to Watch Out For

    "Cats are sneaky little creatures: One moment they’re curled up on your lap by the fire, dreaming of slow-moving mice with a limp, the next moment they’re planning on world domination and universal catnip. Long revered for their mysterious personalities, it is this same nature (and a bit of Mother Nature) that can make them a challenge to treat medically.

    Here’s why: Imagine you’re a lion out on the grasslands and you are deciding what to have for lunch.

    Cat ‘A,’ who appears feisty and healthy, and looks like he might give you a run for your money, even though (to him) he is not feeling well.

    Cat ‘B,’ who looks sick, weak and easy to chase down and snack on.

    Four out of five lions would choose cat ‘B.’ (That fifth lion is insane.)

    Clearly there is an evolutionary benefit to looking healthy and hiding your illnesses. When a modern-day domesticated cat is sick, he or she still taps into that long-ago learned habit of trying to look healthy. To an unsuspecting cat owner, this can trick you into thinking that your cat just got sick yesterday, a phrase which I have heard no less than 11 million times in my short 17 years of practice.

    Here presented are a few tips and tricks to help get the jump on feline illness before it can get too far down the road:

    • If your cat is drinking more water than normal. Kidney disease and diabetes are just as common in cats as in people and both will cause an uptick in water intake. Likewise, that water’s gotta go somewhere. If you are scooping more pee clumps in the litter box, something could be wrong. See your vet for blood and urine tests.
    • If your cat is losing weight. There are lots of obese cats out there, so cats on a diet don’t count. Cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, liver disease and a host of other chronic conditions can cause weight loss, which can be so subtle that you don’t notice it day after day. Weigh your cat at least twice year on your vet’s scale, or stand with your cat on the scale and subtract your weight (this is not a very accurate method, but might do in a pinch). Remember that different scales can give slightly different numbers.
    • If you cat is not grooming. Is a cat that used to look like he had George Hamilton’s grooming habits looking a bit “bed heady” of late? He could be hiding illness! Even older cats still groom when they are healthy, so don’t be fooled and think that it’s just the passage of time. Have your vet do a thorough physical and consider diagnostic tests like lab tests, x-rays or ultrasound to get to the root of the problem before it gets entrenched and harder to treat.

    The sooner you spot illness, the sooner you can intervene and restore health. Watch out for those sneaky cats and see your vet today if you notice anything amiss. The lions may go hungry, but your cat will thank you!"

    Article by Dr Tony Johnson.

  • HERO Kitties (!!!)


    heroWhile researching hero kitties, we came across some truly amazing stories - too many to share in this blog. Cats saving their human families from robbers and "baddies", fires, carbon monoxide, dog attacks, diabetic attacks, snakes, and even one kitty who dialed 911 to get help. We selected just 2 stories, but be sure to click on the link at the bottom of these excerpts - definitely worth the read! There is also a YouTube Clip which was edited - footage from several security cameras show one little cat's amazing courage when saving a little boy from a dog attack.


    STORY 1: Dogs are well known for tales of lifesaving heroism, but most people think cats seem generally too self-involved for valor. In practice, this is hardly the case. In 2012, a cat that had only been rescued from the Humane Society hours before managed to save its new owner’s life when she had a diabetic seizure. The cat leaped onto her chest as she lost consciousness, nudging and biting at her face until she awoke. The cat then darted into the woman’s son’s room and pestered him until he woke up to call for help.


    STORY 2: An even more unbelievable story emerged from Argentina in 2008, when a one-year-old boy was found by police in the city of Misiones, being kept alive by a band of feral cats. The boy, who’d been separated from his homeless father, would likely have died without the intervention of the cats. They snuggled up to him at night to keep him warm and brought him scraps of food. When police approached, the baby’s guardians hissed and spat ferociously at them.


    To read more amazing hero kitty stories, click here.

  • PetAlive - Natural Remedies for Pets

    In the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs to help them when they are unwell. petaliveMost domesticated animals do not have access to wild plants and therefore rely on their owners to help them maintain their health. Natural medicine, including herbal and homeopathic remedies, can complement conventional veterinary care without the side effects and damage to health that often accompany synthetic drugs and antibiotics. Mother Nature's Medicine Chest is packed full of remedies for many of the ailments and conditions affecting our furry friends.

    Feelgood Health (PetAlive) is a natural remedies company established in 1998 to meet the increasing demand for natural remedies, complimentary treatments & alternatives to conventional medical approaches. They formulate & manufacture all of their own products using top quality natural ingredients such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy essential oils & stock strength flower & gem essences. The Feelgood health team has been helping people to lead healthier lives for many years - with returning customers and testimonials from all over the world. As these customers grew to know and trust the range of natural remedies for children and adults, they also began asking for solutions designed especially for their pets. As treasured members of their families, customers wanted their pets to have the same benefits and natural solutions as they themselves had discovered in Feelgood Health remedies.

    The PetAlive Range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in natural medicine. Remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality, naturally. Their remedies for pets have been distributed internationally in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and throughout the world for many years and 2007 saw the official launch of the PetAlive range in South Africa.

    Find our PetAlive range by clicking here...

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